For those who are on a time crunch, let’s keep it Simple. Here are some Workshops

you can start regularly or on a one-time basis to help get you going: 

“The Mind: Responsible For All Mental Phenomena; Thought, Imagination, Memory, Will And Sensation”

“To Enlighten: To Give Light To; Freed From Illusion”

“A Craft: Skill In Ones Own Work”

“Enlightened Mind Craft: Cultivating Our Own Skills To Give Light To Our Thinking”

30 minute sessions to explore your current Self-Care regiment and explore alternatives that work within your boundaries and beliefs.

30 minute Meditation session for a small group of people. If you want to try Meditating with a buddy or Meditation as a family, this soothing session is for you. Meant to purely relax the mind and body. Feedback sessions can be booked as separate individual sessions.

30 minute meditation session that zippers the mind and heart together followed by a 10 minute feedback session.