So, we’ve had our consultation and ended up here.  I get that everyone wants a “sure thing”.  So, let me help take the guess work out:



All sessions are conducted remotely through a virtual platform.

1 session
$127 CAD per session

This one session is laser-focused on identifying your goal and establishing a comprehensive plan forwards.  This is for the ultra-focused per that knows what they want and just needs some fresh materials to work with.

6 sessions
Set Foundation
$117 CAD/session

These 6 sessions focus completely on building on the foundation you have already set for yourself. You have a vision, you have the opportunity and just need to dig a little deeper to bring it all into focus.

10 sessions
Laying the foundation.
$107 CAD/session

These 10 sessions are all about exploration in the “you”.  You know something needs to change, you might have an idea of what the change is, and you are ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in.