Growing up I was that annoying kid that inherently liked to find patterns, play puzzle games and believed in a solution to everything.
In my search to utilize my skills, I pursued psychology. I quickly found that it wasn’t for me. It focused too much on treating problems in confined ways and worse, treating people as if they were the problem rather than as people looking to overcome a problem. Big Difference!
So, I pursued law instead. A solutions-based industry wrapped in creativity.  Here, I really cultivated my skills, working with individuals from all walks of life, each with their unique needs and set of obstacles to overcome.
Today, I use my “outside the box” thinking to continue to help people achieve their goals. My ability to understand and dig deep for information makes me a valuable resource working for you.  
Enlightened Mind Craft: Taking the load off your mind so you can craft your future.

Certified Life Coach

So this is where I come in:

The Mind:

Responsible for all mental phenomena; thought, imagination, memory, will and sensation.

To Enlighten:

Give light to / Enlightened: made aware of something; freed from illusion.


Skill in ones work.


And when you put it all together, this is my dedication to you: Simplicity in life by cultivating your skills to bring light to your life phenomena; your life.

Then, what is life coaching?

It is the first step towards your own mind-health. You are a smart, intelligent person who sees the barriers that life has thrown and wants to find answers from within. I offer various ways of doing this through life coaching sessions, active sessions, paint sessions, meditation and self-care classes, to name a few. Whether you’ve hit a roadblock in your relationship, with your family, with anxiety, stress, work, lack of work or even chronic pain. The answers are within you and I want to help.


Not by labeling you. Not by diagnosing you. Not by offering medications nor revisiting your past to find out ‘where it all went wrong’. And definitely Not by making you promises to fix all your problems.

But how then?

By recognizing the mind, the heart, and the simplicity that is life itself as one. And most importantly, by LISTENING to you, as the unique human being that you are.